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Our Brook Knoll community is full of creative families that know how to throw a party for a cause! This year we are so fortunate to have multiple fundraiser parties for you to join! Get out there and meet other families of the Brook Knoll community. It's a great way to build that "village", connect with others for play dates and learn more about your child's school experience through others! Details for upcoming parties are below and will continually be updated. To sign up, please Venmo BKEC the correct amount as advertised and you MUST add the name of the party in the memo.  We are SO THRILLED by all of the interest and look forward to socializing for a good cause with all of you soon!                                                           




Please remember, some costs are aimed a bit high** due to the nature of the event being a fundraiser for our children's school!

* If you cannot attend a party, but would like to support, consider speaking with your child's teacher and ask if they would be interested in joining the party. You could then purchase a ticket on their behalf!

**If you are ever interested in a sign-up party and feel like the cost is too high for your family, BKEC may offer a sponsorship. It is likely that sponsorships would only be available for sign up parties that are designed for children.

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