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Music Classes

Our Parent Club funds the music program at Brook Knoll.  Miss Coleen and Zen Perry are co-leading our music programming this year.  They have collectively been teaching for over 25 years. 


Ms. Collen is  trained and Level II certified in the Orff Schulwerk method.  Miss Coleen uses fun and play in her teaching by including singing, chanting, movement, and instruments while emphasizing the fundamentals of music performance, theory, and vocabulary.  Zen is a professional musician and graduate of Musicians Institute in Hollywood.  Zen has a passion for song, teaching and the community of Santa Crux.  He enjoys finding ways to teach music that resonates with each student.  Zen has a passion for teaching and is excited to join the team at Brook Knoll!

Students will receive music instruction once a week for 20 weeks of the school year.  The students learn to hear and repeat a steady beat and to sing in round, but most importantly, they learn the balance and joy of music!  Studies show that music awareness enhances a student’s ability to study and learn as well as inspire their creativity, expression, and imagination.  

Every spring students participate in the annual Brook Knoll Spring Sing performance and showcase the songs they have learned throughout the year.  We are so grateful to our generous parent community for funding this program every year.