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Science Fair

The Brook Knoll Science and Engineering Fair is an event designed to foster the love of science and engineering. Throughout the process (December - February) kids learn more about the scientific method and experimental or engineering design. Volunteers and scientists from the community offer guidance through inquiry question and notebook reviews and after school question and answer sessions. Then, the kids proudly present their scientific passions and results of their hard work to their peers, parents and volunteer judges. Students can then go on to represent Brook Knoll at the Santa Cruz County Fair.

Brook Knoll Science and Engineering Fair 2021-2022


Important dates:

Important dates:

  • December 13th: Deadline to submit form with inquiry question to the BK office

  • After school Q&A sessions: TBD

  • February 9th: drop-off lab notebooks off at school for progress check

  • February 11th: pick-up lab notebooks

  • February 25th: Brook Knoll Science and Engineering Fair

  • March 1st: Deadline for Santa Cruz County Fair registration

  • March 19th: Santa Cruz County Science Fair



BK Science Fair Submission Form

BK Science Fair Slides

General Science Fair Tips and Requirements



 Santa Cruz County Science Fair


For information please contact:


Science Fair Committee 2021/2022:

 Amanda Jones

 Justen Whittal

Here are the awesome projects presented at last year's virtual science fair:

"Can I make bubbles last longer?" by Julian Jones, 3rd grade

"How does a kite's shape affect flight?" by Ava Nelson, 3rd grade

"What is the best way to wash your hands?" by Bennett Coburn, 3rd grade

"The growth of mold in bread" by Gavin Schlafly, 3rd grade  

"A study on the polarity of magnets" by Reed Schlafly, 2nd grade

"Which gum flavor lasts the longest?" by  Kaya Jensen, Maya Reinman, and Vivian Chomentowski, 3rd grade

"Comparing Exploration Robot Efficiency", by Naomi Donovan, 4th grade

"What is the best alternative fuel?", by Alexander Fitzhenry, 3rd grade

"Which toothpaste is better?", by Leo Fitzhenry, 2nd grade